panorama, 11 large charcoal drawings on nettle cloth, together 2,6 x 36m
Splash Beach- Venus Beach- Fuck Wood- Float- Dragon Wood- Christopher Beach- Shiva Shakti Beach


Project Space Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York City 2015
Antebellum Gallery, Los Angeles 2015
Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt/Main 2016

The drawings are based on the theme of "Teufelsee," a small lake in the middle of the forest Grunewald in Berlin. The area draws a wide range of people looking to bathe in the sun or swim in the water. Although „Teufelssee“ means „Devil's Lake," it has also become a "Garden of Eden." Young families bring their kids. Skinny full bearded hipsters lay side by side with a couple of chubby skinheads. Lesbians kiss in front of a group of young men trying to cure their hangovers. An allover tattooed mother breastfeeds her newborn child, while a middle-aged man snore in the sun and a couple of young girls discuss their recent love affairs. Everybody is nude, relaxed and peacefully enjoying life. No restrictions exist. No aggressions occur. Teufelsee is a place where the soul of Berlin is breathing, and one can feel how wide and open the heart of Berlin has become.